Protection against hacker attacks

Protection against hacker attacks

Are they stoppable?

As a business owner, you make significant efforts to keep and develop your business value in the marketplace. Nevertheless, there is no denying that your business without security measures is in danger of hacker attacks. We have invented doors, windows and keys to keep our houses safe. For the same reason, there are borders between countries. So, how can you imagine your business being far from hackers without security measures? Following are seven actions that any company must take to enhance its security.


1-    Realize the main threats:

Do not make your business an easy target for any hacker. You need to learn about the common hacker tricks to perform an attack on your system, like unauthorized access. From the day one start learning and do not stop getting the information your whole career.

2-    Raise employee awareness of the threat:

Your employees must be aware of this danger. Let them know the importance of the company’s data. Unless they take their responsibilities and play their role, then even the best IT security system will not be useful. For instance, employees should know not to open suspicious links in tweets, posts, online ads, emails, messages or attachments – even if they know the source.


3-    Company-wide password control:

Your company should have strong password policies. It must be an essential part of the awareness, which you are supposed to build among your employee. Passwords should be regularly changed and contain eight or more mixed characters that are not related to the user’s data, like his date of birth.


4- Always expect a hacker attack:


You have to be one step ahead of the hacker. In 2017, 80% of European companies experienced at least one cybersecurity incident.  As a result, it is entirely illogical for you to run a new business without having security measures. It would not be surprising if a hacker attacked you.





5-    Install antivirus protection:

Although installing antivirus software appears to be the obvious first step to protect against being hacked, but not everyone pays attention to do it. Moreover, it is not enough to install one, but you need to ensure that your anti-virus program will be updated regularly; new updates are supposed to combat new threats.


6-    Backup your data:

Security is essential, but if you do not back up your data, more often than not, you WILL LOSE IT. Losing your data is one of the worst results of being hacked. Therefore, keeping data secure and backed up is necessary for companies nowadays as the brilliant hackers and their partnering viruses is growing.


7-    Test your system:

Performing a penetration test is an indispensable finally step to secure your network against hacker attacks. This action will naturally make you one step ahead of the hacker. Hire an ethical hacker and ask him to attack your IT system. This Action would determine the weakness in the infrastructure (hardware), application (software).

In the end, we should remember that you need to gather general information if you are taking this problem seriously. Never send your banking logins or credit card numbers via email and do not download unknown software to your computer. These measures and others can you take to protect your business from hacker attacks. What is certain these days is that you need to have a policy of security for your business.