7 Benefits of security testing in SDLC

Testing is an essential part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). While hackers are increasingly sophisticated in how they exploit weaknesses in applications’ security, security testing becomes more and more critical as an integral part during the application development and before any release. The following are five obvious benefits:

  • Making penetration testing a primary element of your SDLC guarantees that the final product turns out to be safe and protected for your clients. It may minimize the risk of losing your customers’ data and facing punishments.
  • The early covering of vulnerabilities brings considerable financial savings and benefits to your organization. The issues are usually fixed with a patching software, which is much more costly than addressing the real problem during the SDLC.

  1. Ability to halt the build when critical errors (medium/high) are found. You can restart building your application if you have discovered a fatal mistake or critical vulnerability during Pen testing.
  2. Many times, a test team has not enough time to check the software application, so they must squeeze the testing time, which affects their work badly. If you start testing early, you will give them the chance to examine software application well enough.
  3. Early preparation of test environment, consequently preventing any delays and unknown risks will have enough time to deal with.

In conclusion, we must admit that cybersecurity is now an essential part of SDLC. If you want to develop a new mobile or web application, you must consider this fact. If not, you may have destroyed all your work. At the beginning of SDLC start your security measures because Security must be built-in, not an add-on.