Find the perfect solution for digital transaction systems with its advanced ability to perform digital Signing and file end-to-end encryption tasks with great accuracy and speed.

The Secret Office is a great collaboration between TSS and DELL EMC, It is a comprehensive web solution specially developed to protect the security and confidentiality of digital files, by conducting file encryption and digital signing processes with great accuracy and speed with the goal of a strong direction towards a paperless world.

The Solution has the ability to be installed and operated on an isolated environment provided by the global provider DELL EMC and be run separately from the existing servers in the data centre.

The Secret Office is characterized by the following features:

  • Fast response and command processing, as VXRail contains the latest industry-leading PowerEdge servers with the latest processors including high memory options.
  • Full security and confidentiality with a completely separated environment from the data centre.
  • Using the best and latest encryption standards by using the strongest internationally recognized algorithms.
  • Supports many different file formats and types.
  • Large storage space with fast retrieval operations.
  • The encryption and decryption process are performed on clients’ devices (End to End Encryption) by using the users’ digital certificates.
  • Perform digital signature operations on documents in order to protect their integrity.
  • Perform digital signature operations on documents in order to protect their integrity.
  • The VXRail environment has been approved for a wide range of applications and systems and has been thoroughly tested through actual use in many companies.

The Secret Office
“Smart protection for secure sensitive file and secure transactions”